Tuesday, May 31, 2005

A question for my audience....

Does the following phrase mean anything to you?
Bowman Gray School of Medicine
Im just curious.

In other news, I am feeling much better and more productive today. Im sure you are all breathing a sigh of relief. In so much as I am feeling more productive, I will in fact be more productive.

Monday, May 30, 2005


can't concentrate.

Thursday, May 26, 2005

Swollen Knee... and On a more serious note...

That is my Indian name. It is also the condition of my left knee. The knee formerly known to have a torn meniscus. This troubles me a little. It seems to have come on out of the blue. Although it might be a remnant of monday's ultimate frisbee game. Time will tell.
On with the sales pitch. I know that there are about 10 people who have ever come back to this site. I know that Out of the 10 of you probably 9 of you have already gotten this memo more than once. But this is for the random one-timers and that other one guy. Anywho, as you may or may not know, I am going to Lima Peru this summer to help put on a Vacation Bible School for about 250 peruvian kids, and to help start building a building for the kids to come to be able to do their homework and stuff. This is part of an annual effort put on by my church . Last year the focus was medical missions. Next year the focus will likely be medical in nature. This year the focus is Love (and construction). We are going mainly to minister (as in attend to the needs of) to peruvians as we are able to do so, and I know that the peruvians will minister to us. What needs do I have that the peruvians will meet? I expect that I will be made aware of many things, but I won't speculate just yet. Now, I want to be clear. The group I am going with is a group of Christians, and we do indeed plan on telling these people about Jesus in the best spanish we know how. But our team's desire is to show them what Christ's love looks like in our interactions with them and with each other. We desire to support the local church leadership and the long term missionaries working there because we know that they are the ones who can build lasting relationships and spritually feed the people of peru.
I have never been on a short term mission trip like this. I kinda feel like I have been running from them for a while. I hope in this opportunity that God will show me how I can best support missions work. I am looking for people who can offer finacial and prayer support. If you can offer one or the other or both, then that is great, but I would like to say one thing. I would like to find a few(well, as many as are willing) people who will very seriously support me in prayer. People who will pray for me and my team and the people of peru daily. People who will commit to praying for the people of peru as if it were their own family. I only ask this because I know that I personaly have offered to pray for people and to my shame, I did not. Now that is not always the case, but sometimes I would just forget or whatever. So anway, that is my pitch. If you are interested in supporting me, then feel free to download this letter and it will tell you how to contact me. Regardless of what the letter says, I will accept support at anytime up until the trip date which starts July 23. Idealy I could have most of my support (at least in pledge form) by June 15. Thanks for reading this far if you have.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005


By posting this picture, the bad guys already win.

Nothing too new.

The week is off to a good start. Sunday was rather nice featuring a hand car wash homemade tacos and some pleasent company. Monday was an ultimate frisbee day and those are always quite fun. Today is a "get some work done" day so this will be short. I got a new hat, but it is too small. Im hoping that there are ways to enbiggen it. Im sure there are. It kinda looks like a old trian engineer's hat or some kind of civil war soldier's hat. I think its neat, so THHPPPPT!

Thursday, May 19, 2005


This week I have climbed to the top of a large crane, seen two beautiful sunsets (one from the crane) , had a large Nuclear Accelorator at my control, and tonight, I will see Episode 3 before anyone can spoil it for me. (at least limiting the populous' chance of spoiling it.) Yeah, you won't find me at maddox site today. No sir. Since Grover was speaking of advertisements, I wanted to comment on the slew of Star Wars based ads shown recently. Some are amusing. M&M's is good... The one where the guy wins money and Darth knocks on his door... also funny. Then there is an add I saw last night for the actual movie that rivals "Yoda man!" in terms of anti-cleverness. The promo for the movie showed clips while inserting this text. "Tomorrow... Sith... Happens." This was SO dumb i almost sithed myself. All I can say to George Lucas is "I eat pieces of sith like you for breakfast." Now enjoy the pictures.

I saw this sunset on saturday at Maple View Farms. For those not familiar with Chapel Hill, but familiar with H'burg, Maple View Icecream is like Klines, but they offer this view.

This is the crane that I climbed. I had to take several pictures and sew them together to make this because it was too big to get one shot of it from close to the bottom.

Here I am on the crane. Behind my smile is a dread of heights, and a mind racing with possible explanations as to why I am up here for the authorities. The need for explanations never arose (whew!).

This one I like better than the other one. Thankfully I brought a jacket. It gets quite windy at such heights.

I took many pictures of the setting sun and other things. This was one of my favorites.

Here I am in TUNL (Triangle University Nuclear Lab) as mentioned above controling a particle beam.

Pretty nice eh?

Monday, May 16, 2005

Panoramically bored.

I promise that I got some work done today. A lot actually.

Look, I'm a little slow alright....

So if you aren't using Mozilla Firefox by now, you are even slower than me. But Don't worry. You can get it by clicking the link above. Why get it? Becuase it is free, and it is arguably better than IE or Netscape, and it has Adblock. Adblock is a really neat plug-in that allows you to Block annoying flash and banner adds ... really any kind of adds. And its super simple to use. After a few weeks, you will be basically add-free. Now, I realize that I have friends that are in advertising so I hope that they aren't offended. But this is a really cool little thing. Now, IE or Netscape might have something like this, but they represent the man. And the more that people embrace free software, the better. Thats my little ad for Adblock. Word of mouth. the way advertising should be.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Fireworks and Mo Racca

Hey Everyone. I finally got to use the video function on my camera. Mo Racca of the Daily Show came here and spoke to the seniors on friday evening. Afterward, there were some fireworks. I got some good parts on my camera and now, here they are for you! NOTE: the files are between 45 and 60 Megs so hopefully your computer is faster than mine. If you aren't a linux snob, then these should play just fine in your browser. Linux jerks... make a plug in already!

Stop that rhyming now! I Mean it! ... Anyone want a tivo?

You officially have 21 hours from the time of this post to purchase a broken tivo on ebay. Please if you are interested go and bid. Bump up the price if you want. I don't care. But im selling it to the highest bidder. Anyway, I was bored and I thought I'd throw this out there.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

Coolest Jacket in the History of Cool Jackets.

As my roomate has been preparing to move out (sniff tear) he has been going through his things and taking somewhat of an inventory. He heas been finding numerous things that he had forgotten owning one of which being a brown leather jacket. Now, it was apparent to me that this jacket was either intended for a motorcyclist, or michael jackson in the 80's. The only thing keeping it from being either of these things was its intensely repulsive color. Its the color of clay or perhaps... well... I won't go there for once, but you know what i am talking about. (im talking about poop). Anyway, New camera + awesome jacket = this:

Now, this having some context didn't look to bad, so we thought... What about some posed action shots?

Ahh yes... I remember that time that I was being chased by a bunch of Yakuza ninja bikers... through the grass... and my friend had my camera... you can't see it, but i just punched a guy so hard that he and his bike are just out of frame... too bad really. With out the guy there, it looks like i am posing for a picture when in fact, I am punching a yakuza ninja biker into oblivion. Thats all for now.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

Aww man... Its my MOM!

I love you mom. I hope you had a happy mother's day. this is for you.

Monday, May 09, 2005

fortunes and head nods...

Today as I was eating alone at the chinese restaurant, the meal was endded with usual fortune cookie. This was my fortune:

Too bad it wasn't a traditional chinese buffet/ seder dinner. At least then I could have said that Elijah loved me.
On to head nods... I have unknowingly become a part of a clique in the motorcycle community. Now, a scooter community, I could understand. But, aparently, the owner of any two wheeled machine from the roughest Harley to scooters that I laugh at are in this little group. Whenever we see each other riding our respective bikes, we give the slight but noticeable head nod indicating that we aprove of this persons willingness to significantly increase the liklihood of death on the road. This is the closest thing to being in a universal non-religious brotherhood that I've ever experienced. Meh.

Saturday, May 07, 2005


Today, after an agressive workout session, I showered and went to the student union to enjoy some yogurt or something. After purchasing my yogurt, I wandered to the pit with the yogurt and my camera and sat down. It was a nice day and I was checking out some of the features on my camera. All of a sudden, I noticed that a young lady was slowly scooting her way toward me. I, of course, was flattered, and so I said "hello" and commented on her choice of popsicle. She mostly smiled while inching ever closer... that was until her sister noticed her. Her sister who was sitting on the other side of the pit with some other family members alerted the girls mother of her wanderings. The mother called to the girl; a strange name which i do not remember. The obviously older sister came over to rectify the situation herself. By this time the young lady had inched so close that she had no other option but to move to the other side of me if she was to keep inching. She sat down to my right and stopped and smiled. The older sister made her way over to us, and mildly rebuked her sister for wandering. She then proceeded to sit to my left and smile and tell her sister that she should stay over there to my right. I said "hello" to the sister. The sister then sheepishly reminded her sister that I was "a stranger" and that I " would take them both away." I froze, trying to reconcile wanting to assure the young ladies that I would not take them away, while reenforcing the old maxim: don't talk to strangers. I managed to mutter somthing like "I wouldn't do that, but its a pretty good rule..." or something like that. The youngest one rose and walked back to her mother repeating " its a good rule..." The mother apologized in case the girls had bothered me. I said that they did not. Ahh kids.
The strangest thing is that this kind of thing happens to me often. As long as the child is not related to me, young kids just seem to like me. Maybe kids see something that adults don't, or I smell like candy... who knows? Now if i could just determine this irresistable quality and then translate it for women my age...

The little girl who inched at me

The little girl's sister

Photo Galary

Well, thanks to one S. Hale I now have a photo gallary posted! Thanks to everyone for your suggestions. I ended up using a photoshop function for now. Well the title is the link to the gallary. Right now, it is just a few pictures that I have taken, and some old ones that I have on my computer that I either took or had taken of me. They include pictures of Europe, Tim's Wedding, and some with my new camera. Once I get the hang of things, I may try to make everything look nice, and of course, from now on all the pictures won't look like i took them with a bubble gum machine camera phone and got them developed at walmart only to scan them in a 1 dpi scanner with a hand crank. You may notice that some of the pictures in fact DO look like they went through said process and indeed they did. Anyway, enjoy!

Friday, May 06, 2005

zoom zoom

So... Here is a picture of my friend brian.

Now feature that I found on my camera was called "STM" mode. I thought "no..." but sure enough i zoomed in on brian to see this.

Im still working on zooming in on jimmy. Other than that i am just kinda bored now. I went out to the pit (for non UNCer's, the pit is a central campus area thats usually full of people) with my guitar. I am trying to get over my fear of playing in front of people by myself. It was nice because there weren't a lot of people out there (today being the friday durring finals week), and most of them just ignored me. Maybe soon i'll work my way up to singing and playing. Like the last post said, i finished my nuke exam today and I feel pretty good about it. I kinda feel like "now what?" Lots of my friends are gone or are going out of town this weekend. I'll find something to do im sure.
Maybe I will work on that photo album like i said I would. Give me suggestions for fun evenings.


Well i just finished my nuclear physics exam. I think i did pretty good. Im feeling like ~7/8 or somthing like that. Now i am just hungry as I havn't had lunch yet. There is a new song by the way. Check it to wreck it.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Congratulations 1000th or so customer!!!

Hey there sport/chica. You are (or are close to being) the 1000th person to visit my blog since the addition of this counter. Now, of course by 1000 person to visit, i mean you are the person to have tripped the counter over to 1000. I know good and well that a total of 7 people ever have actually come back to this blog. But you have within you the responsibility to leave a comment along with some proof that you in fact were the 1000th person to visit my blog. Might I suggest using the print screen function.
As to the previous posts, I am glad that you all like my camera. I like it too. Now, can one of you out there who is web savvy please help me to make an awesome online photo album? That would be not only sick, but tight... and subsequently cyber-awesome. I hope to have some free time soon so as to take mind-blowingly jangus-manking shots of all of God's creation.

Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Its here!

So i actually did get my camera on monday, and i have been taking pictures ever since.
here is one of me with my camera

Now, if you've been reading you know that I've been going on and on about the zoom function. Well today I was a duke...

now, do you see the guy sitting on the steps of duke? Here is a picture standing in the same spot but zoomed in.

now, by "guy" i suppose that I mean "totally androgynous creature" but whatever.
Anyway, I think that I might set up a photo album sometime where I just put everything, but I'll still put the good stuff here... for all 5 of you.

Monday, May 02, 2005

ultimate sleepy?

So, ultimate frisbee is more like ultimate "hurt-my-knee-and-then-be-tired-for-the-next-12-to-24 hours-and-complain-about-it-bee"

Sunday, May 01, 2005


click all sorts of things for a larger image. So if you look at the post time it is correct. It is like 5 in the morning. I just took my buddy to the airport and cant imediatly get back to sleep. The camera pictured above was purchased by me just last week, and is scheduled to arrive at my house on monday. I am pretty pumped about it to be sure. Anyway, im not going to go on about it. Click the post title if you want the specs. Im gonna try to sleep.