Thursday, October 28, 2004


"They misnamed 'The war on Terror.' They should have called it ' The struggle against idealogical extremist who do not believe in free societies, who happen to use terror as a weapon to shape the conscience of the free world.' "

Rolls right off the tounge.

Vote or p-diddy will kill you.

Right now i am "supposed" to be working on a test, but all I want to do is check the polls. I, like many other Americans, am comsumed by it all. The latest shocker: Hawaii. Its changed to a toss up which means, since they are 6 hrs later than us, that we could have no idea who is president until next morning. Truth be told, Im guessing that whoever loses will hotly contest their loss.
Well I voted already. I submitted an early absentee balot. What they don't tell you when you do this is that if the winner of your state wins by more than the nuber of absentee balots, your vote is not counted. Now that is not something that i bet we will have to worry about this year, but it makes one wonder about the validity of the national "popular vote". Imagine 10,000 absentee balots not counted in a state won by 10,002 votes. If by chance all the absentee ballots are for the looser, the winner won the state not by 10k but by 2 votes. Last year New Mexico was won by a few hundred votes.
I cast my vote. The important thing to me, is that the will of the people is realized. I guess that means that I hope there is equal but opposite voter fraud. (because you know its out there).

Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Blogging is not so bad...

Ok, fine world. I give in. Here is stuff about me that no one will read or care about.
Im working on a test right now, and its not seeming too bad. Im in a "charlie mood" as my friends might say which mostly resembles depression. Aww, but im not here to cheer you down, but to cheer you up! This can be accomplished by adding exclamation points to the ends of many sentences! In fact, just adding two or more makes one feel as if the tone of this blog wasn't "a cry for help"!!!!
No, but seriously. How bout this election? (silence... crickets chirping) I can't wait until its finally over... in January. By then the people on the side of the losing end will have hopefully stopped their bitching and have settled for clever bumper stickers and t shirts that say "don't blame me I voted to kill you" or something like that. Then for the next four years we will hear about how much better so and so would have done things, and so on.
My prediction: Bush wins the popular vote, Bush wins the election. and if im wrong, im sure there will be a comercial about how I kill babies.

Friday, October 22, 2004

Blogging is dumb.

Bolgging is dumb. If you read this then you are dumb. Dumb Dumb Dumb Dumb dumb.