Friday, February 22, 2008

power point.

Friday, February 08, 2008

3 reasons why you should like "tim and eric awesome show great job"

Tim: You shouldn't have come if you didn't think you'd be interested.
Tom: You didn't do a good job.
[freeze frame] - Great Job!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Now that you have your W2's...

Take your W2 and check this website to see what you might have saved. For those of you who don't know about it, let me hit the highlights:
The fair tax eliminates:
Federal withheld Income Tax
Social Security Tax

Or in essence, you get all your paycheck. That seems nice, but how does the government make money?

Federal revenue is replaced with a 23% consumption tax. This means that you are taxed on what you spend. NOT on what you earn. Does 23% sound high? There is already a 22-24% embedded tax in almost everything that you purchase. So you're already paying this tax... its just that you are paying it for corporations.

But Charles, doesn't that include taxing essentials like food and medicine?

Yes it does. BUT, Every citizen is eligible for a monthly household "PREBATE CHECK" which reimburses taxpayers for taxes paid up to a limit determined to cover basic needs.

So for instance: I make about $21,000 a year. With my expenses for school and car payments and the like, the fair tax calculator says I'm eligible for $10210 in tax free spending and so I would get a check for $195 every month ON TOP of getting ALL of my paycheck. The estimated Net Tax burden on me becomes 4.7% of my income. Right now I don't pay into SS or Medicare because I am paid with grant money, however, the Federal Government still takes 9% of my income away, and the state takes about 5%.

Now lets imagine I'm rich?
we'll say my income is 99,000 and all my other payments and such scales accordingly
I'm still eligible for 10210 in tax free spending, and so I still get the check for $195 a month.

For a family of 2 you get 20420 in tax free spending a year, and a prebate of $390 a month.

It doesn't matter what you earn, your prebate is determined by family size alone!
incidentally, this hypothetical single 99,000 dollar earner has a tax burden estimated at 15% -- still far better then the 30% I hear about. And the married $99,000 earner has a 13% burden.

Lets check further... what about a $1,000,000 family? Their burden is 19.7%

This is a win-win-win situation (to steal from "the Office") is it not?

Friday, February 01, 2008

Huckabee displays decorum.

Code pink came to disrupt the governor's speech, even though he wants to close Guantanamo, but does not favor the collapse of the middle east--er I mean the immediate withdrawal of troops from Iraq. Sorry, I mix those two up since they go hand in hand.

What is Code Pink's mission statement anyway? To be as annoying as they are ignorant?

Romney Gets my vote: For President of LIARS.

Just go to Fact Check to see why.

*Correction* Romney wastes 35 Million of his own dollars.

*The $35 Million number was what he spent total.*
"Romney, who's been criticized for trying to buy the election, has kept that figure close to the vest. His fourth quarter report, posted on the FEC's Web site less than one hour before Thursday's midnight deadline (near the final edition deadlines of many East Coast daily newspapers), showed that last year he invested a total of $35.4 million in his campaign. But his campaign said Thursday he'll dig deeper into his pockets to pay for advertising in some of the expensive media markets in California and other Super Tuesday states. "

Join Me would you?

I'm thinking of starting a website called "" or something like that. I would vote Obama over this guy. I'd abstain from voting if it were this guy and Hillary... or rather, just write in my vote.