Wednesday, December 29, 2004

Who ordered the large snowman?

Well, I just could not contain myself. One big snowman wasn't enough. This one I made all by myself... a testement to my lack of friends.

well anyway, this one was almost too easy to make. Once the snow begins to melt, it can't help but stick together. Today is my sister's 27 birthday, so happy birthday to her! It is also the last day that I will be spending in VA. Tomorrow, i will be heading back to Chapel Hill. It looks like my good friend Kevin F. will be joining me for New years. Woo-ha! That should be a fun time. Too bad I wont have my parents camera anymore and therefore wont be able to post good pictures. I will post some camera phone shots perhaps but, that will only take one so far. Maybe I will just bite the bullet and get a real camera. Soon... Well, nothing special has happend to me yet. I just wanted to post this snowman pic. Peace.

Jamez Rahid is my favorite.

In honor of J.R. I have made annonymous postings allowed on this site. I didn't realize that it was a setting that I could change. I feel like an idiot. But I still love you J-man. I hope that C-bomb gave you the Picture of us housexor folks or he will have some 'splainin to do. Goodnight.

Tuesday, December 28, 2004


Holy crap. I am so bored. At least i have books to get me through... Don't get me wrong. I have had a swell time being home and visiting with my folks. In fact, my pop just took me out and bought me a tiny 1 gig mp3 player. It is ultra sweet. I guess that I just miss space. My home is cramped. Its really hard to get away from everyone. I also wish more of my friends were home. There are some people here, but they are occupied most of the time... off with their signifigant others getting engaged as fast as they can. So here I am checking my email every 20 minutes as if someone was going to email me. At least my inbox is kept clean. Also, no one looks at this as far as I can tell. Im pretty sure that you have to sign your life away to leave a message which is probably why. Then there is good 'ol IM, of which I am the only survivor. So I am reading a book by George MacDonald called " Phantastes".

Ten points if someone can tell me how to confidently and correctly pronouce that. I would just assume to say "fan-ta-sees", but that seems like a stretch. In the book he spells "fantasy" , "phantasy" and , no, he is not a rapper. However, i just looked up those two words and they returned similar, yet different definitions. check for yourself. Fantasy vs. Phantasy. The book starts off slowly, but becomes really captivating. It is a well written book in my opinion.
Anyway, I think I am stuck here for one more day at least. So will someone, without telling me in advance, comment?

Sunday, December 26, 2004

It's snowing

Hey everybody,
Its snowing.

I love the snow. Its really coming down out here too. The only thing that sucks about it, is that it once again banishes me to my home.

Well. Anyway, im well fed, and I will probably make a collosal snowman. One that will eat my nephew... naw im just kidding... maybe.
Update: Ok so, we got like over a foot of snow. I don't even remember there being a prediction! Its cool though. I dig it. I went out driving in the snow today...

I've had better ideas. Nothing bad happened to me, but here's a tip. When your car, like mine, has no wheel drive in regular conditions... call a friend with a truck.
Some friends and I ended up making a collosal snowman.

we put a sad face on him because it was funny...

Cap the day off with a beautiful sunset, and Bam! You have just enjoyed a snowday.

Friday, December 24, 2004

Schminegan's Dimesion

Well as none of you know, back in college I was not only a radio star, but I also managed to irregularly draw a comic strip I called shminegan's dimension. The stars of the strip are schminegan (in 1D) andrew (in 2D) and myself (in 3D). This comic stips was hailed by literaly tens of people. Ok... so actually maybe like Five. At any rate, i am redrawing them right now in order to keep myself alive. And to keep myself even busier, i am publishing them here:

Thursday, December 23, 2004

Jesse made me do it.

Well, I've been personally threatend with bodily hard if i don't update this. So I will. Things are going pretty well for me of late. I have a "romantic interest" who doesn't know that I have this blog (thankfully) and also doesn't know any of my friends who might know that I have this blog. I won't give any details here, but she is a pretty lady.
In other news, I just recently finished taking my second set of qualifying exams. I feel pretty confident that I passed them. It is strange; I feel more confident that I didn't fail them, then I feel like I passed them. That might only make sense to you if you are still in school. Me being the humble humor genious that I am, came up with this:

Koala-fires. Then basically you take a picture of a cute koala, and a picture of some flames and photoshop and well... Well I don't have photoshop, so I had to actually burn a koala bear to death for the sake of the humor. But I talked it over with the bear and he said it was worth it.
Lets see... anything else? Oh yeah. I am at home right now in suffolk, VA

-- self proclaimed peanut capitol of the world-- visiting family and friends for Christmas. Its odd. People seem less polite here than in Chapel hill, but I swear I remember saying the same thing when I moved from harrisonburg to Chapel hill... and I dont remember noticing a difference when I moved from suffolk to harrisonburg. Either i am becoming more sensative, or suffolk is going downhill. It's also durring the holiday rush... and to be fair the impoliteness was received in Chesapeake. At any rate, it is good to be home and see the fam. I suppose i still haven't done any christmas shopping yet. (yikes)

I recently bought Zao's latest release "the Funeral of God". It kicks large quantities of butts. They should have titled it " We decided to not suck on this album", but i think they were going for something more controversial. They all still love Jesus (according to the credits and lyrics) though i am sure that there are those that will not forgive the title. I don't know enough to get into a defensive argument for their title. Maybe they just wanted something controversial. I think that it is more likely that they are making a statement of some kind. A funeral is a ceremony observing the death of someone. It could be a statement about how we are observing the removal of God from our country. Anyway, its all speculation. At some point Jesse will tell me how to add pictures to this blog, and I will start illustrating it. It will be great.
there. that ought to hold you.