Friday, July 29, 2005

Im back!... in Lima!

Im back in Lima after a week in Qince de Enero de Chilca. I am alive and well.
I will update later.
Im coming up on the start of my second week in peru, and its been really cool. Seriously, its like 55 degrees here. Since i have been here, i saw the sun peek out for like 30 minutes, and Im pretty sure that the moon and stars are only visible in the northern hemisphere. I just got back to Lima, after spending the week in neighboring Chilca. Our group was working in the district of Quince De Enero (that´s 15th of January) which the town is called because that is the day it was founded. Wednesday was peruvian independance day, and while watching the Parade in Chilca, the mayor of the town invited us to sit with him and his cronies on the platform. They were all in suits and dresses, while we were all in jeans and sweatpants. It was a flattering and humbling at the same time. Most of the week we were working with the kids. My voice started to give out on the last day, likely due to the 2 hours of singing that I led the kids in. I had 4 groups, at 30 minutes a piece. I will with any luck never have to sing ¿ quien es el Rey de la Selva? again. Naw.. its not that bad. anyway, Now I begin the sightseeing part of my trip with 3 days in lima and 4 days at Machu Piccu and Cusco. As soon as I can, I will post pictures on my site.

Sunday, July 24, 2005

Im here in LIMA!!!

I made it safe and sound here in lima peru. I even have internet access for the time being. CHarlie

Saturday, July 23, 2005

Tonight im in Lima, Peru!

And the weather here should be like a perfect fall day everyday.

I am excited. see ya in two weeks.

Friday, July 22, 2005

was that harsh?

Maybe i was spurred on by my plane ticket woes. My review of the finch CD is changing a little. I have left the CD in my car for the last few days hoping that it will grow on me. It has a tad. Now I might give it a 5 out of 12.
I did get my ticket fixed, but it cost me.
So Im off to peru as planned. Peace out suckers.
I'll update in peru if i get the chance.

Thursday, July 21, 2005

why am I so dumb?

I love harold. He is my new best friend. Harold asked me to give him my flight information so that he would know and because he might try to see me off. In looking at my flight information to give to harold, I realized that somehow , I had book my flight to leave on the wrong day. I am supposed to leave july 23, but i booked the flight for july 26. How exactly the flight got booked is beyond me. Most likely, I had the date wrong in my head and went and booked it anyway. But it seems strange to me, because I knew that we were leaving on a SATURDAY, not a tuesday. Now, because I bought my ticket with priceline, I can't get anybody on the phone. they have 2 customer service lines, but they are fully automated with no chance of a person to help you. So I have submitted my email to which they promise to respond withing 3 hours. Of course, playing email tag with random customer service people at 3 hours in between emails... is probably less fun than it sounds. I suppose they get a lot of REALLY stupid calls about dumb stuff. Here is a time when I REALLY need to talk to someone soon. I did try to go directly through delta, but they were no help. they had people to talk to though. They directed me to an alternate priceline number(which still didn't work). So now Im just sitting here in my office waiting for something good to happen.
In other news Finch put out a new album. I cant rember the name, but it should be called: Terrible.
Here are some other name changes that would suffice for the album or for the band name:
Emo band #398723378993! --that's a factorial for those of you who know me
We stole all the remaining B-sides from Deftones and Incubus; and by B sides we mean Z sides.
Lets try something new: like sucking
A waste of 12 or more dollars

In other news, The new MxPx album is good.

Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Countdown to PERU: 5 days.

Its a busy week everywhere. At school, home, church, you name it. I don't know if i mentioned it, but my parents were in town this last weekend. That was pretty boss. I don't know if i just have totally sweet parents, or if im just becoming old or what, but at some point, I stopped being embarrased by my parents, and became totally proud of them. I spent the whole week showing them, and my nephew, off to everyone I knew. Im gettin' old i think.

Monday, July 18, 2005

Countdown to PERU: 6 days.

I'm pretty pummped. Any words of wisdom, travel tips etc. will be apreciated.

Thursday, July 14, 2005

What happens when you say "hello"

You meet interesting people. People like Khamil Ali.

While I was getting some new tires put on my car, I said hello to a guy walking by, jamming away with his headphones. He asked if I was shooting pictures for a magazine or something. I said I was just an amature photographer wasting time while my tires were getting put on. Then he decides to give me one of his CD's Now, I didn't want to turn him down, even though I knew that I would likely not be into the style of music he played. ( R&B/ hiphop) Maybe I'll post a song later.

Today, I said hello to a Duke janitor. He was really excited because today he had published his first book. Jimmie's Artwork: Art by Jimmie Banks . This is him and his wife. The smile on his face was so big, that I had to write about it. He was excited to learn that my name was Charles, because his father's name is Charles. Did I mention that this guy was excited?
Anyway, I suggest you say to hi to people. Ask them how they are. Maybe you'll get a free CD?

Friday, July 08, 2005

busy! plus Bulls are running.

Well well well. Its bull running time again, and what better way to celebrate it than to have my good friend Andrew come down for a visit. This weekend is shaping up to be a good one.

I just had two tires replaced on my car. I like to think of it as a preemptive "war on tires". You see, about a year ago this time, I had a tire blow out on my way to the beach to see my good friend Karen. Then a few months back, I had a tire blow out on my way home from seening my bff roomates in H'burg. Due to the fact that I could see the wire mesh on my tires, and the fact that intelligence reports said that my car tires had WMD's... I could not wait any longer. I really believe that if I had waited one more day, I would have had to put the spare on. I have some photos, but I can't upload them right now. I met an interesting guy who gave my his Soul/R&B CD just becasue he passed me on the street. I have a picture of him too. I'll post those later.

Friday, July 01, 2005

Thanks B-dubs.

Well, thanks to some fraudulent charges to my credit card from the local B-dubs, (and aparently one in Evansville, IN) I have to get a new card. I suppose it couldn't have happend at a better time, since yesterday was payday and all. It still sucks though. I guess Im lucky that it wasn't for a whole lot, and that it didn't happen right before my trip. There was also a charge to some website "" which is some spanish greeting card site or somthing. That too was also automatically credited to my account. Egad. Well, now I have to go remove my info from paypal and all that. WHee.