Friday, November 07, 2008

By the numbers.

So the battery in my scale at home needed to be replaced. Upon replacing it I have found out that I weigh
197 lbs
So, I'm pretty pumped. This is close to my birth weight. Aparently my BMI is now 25.3 which means I'm so close to being classified 'normal' instead of 'overwieght' that some websites just give it to me.

Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Three things that make an Obama Victory Okay.

Number One: The World will Love America once again. No longer will we have to plead with people all over the world to come and live and work in America. People will begin to literally and figuratively swarm our borders and want to live and work in America once again! Also countries that once did not care for us like Iran, Syria, Venezuela, and world organizations like the UN and the Taliban, will finally like us.

Number Two: Peace on earth. This is also a big one. Once we stop confronting evil forces in the world, naturally the world will follow our example resulting in peace.

Number Three: No more sacrifice. For instance, once upon a time, in primitive cultures, people had to live without today's basic necessities like cell phones, ipods, cable TV, TV's themselves(!), a month's supply of different clothes, laptops, the internet, fast food, and motorized transportation, if it would insure that they had more long term necessities like life, liberty, health and the like. They actually had to go without the gadgets that make life worth living in order to live at all. No longer! Mother Government will take care of one and all!

However, as Obama himself noted many times, any and all of these outcomes are subject to 'change'.