Monday, February 28, 2005


So. Think of this as an advanced emoticon. I am in what has commonly been refered to as a "charlie-mood" by those that know me. A Charlie mood is kinda ambiguous, ambivalent, and ambidextrous. It makes sense, trust me.
Im not sure what brings on the mood, but the weather might be a factor. Its cold and rainiy and gloomy here. The kind of day to make one sigh incessantly. One being me anyway. Well, i may update this later, but I don't have much to say now.

Saturday, February 26, 2005

An Historic day.

Or is it "A Historic Day"? The answer, of course, is it depends on how you pronounce "historic". If you drop the "h" sound, its "an" and if you don't, its "A". Mystery revealed! Well, the Historic day is that I am sitting in the student union wirelessly connected to the internet and I had little trouble doing so. Having had many problems in the past with this, this seems like quite and achievement. Im also pumpped about my new ability to roam without having a powercable all the time. Thats pretty boss. You see, I had no working battery for my laptop until recently, and having gotten one, I am like a kid in a candy store about it. The best part is this amazingly beautiful girl who is sitting across from me. I get to stare at her creepily for hours if I want to and there's nothing she can do about it... except leave. Im not ready to take the next logical creepy step and follow her around. Thats just wrong. peace out.

Friday, February 25, 2005

Gentlemen.... BEHOLD!

that's what I should have named that last post. Carbomb wants an explanation. Well, you see carbomb, when an intense gamma ray loves a Helium 3 nucleous, the combine, but were never meant to last, and so the gamma scatters and the Helium, so broken up by the leaving gamma... well, breaks apart into various particles... nuetron, protons, nuetrinos, and all hell breaks loose. The moral of this story kids, is never try to learn physics.

Thursday, February 24, 2005

progress gentlemen...

I think we can all appreciate the importance of the above graphic. Seriously, This is part of what I have been working on for a while now. I don't even know if this means anything. I hope to one day find out what all this means, and I will try my best to explain it to you all, but until then you will have to just enjoy the ride. Im just happy that I have something to show at all. Its been a long day, and a long week. Tomorrow I have a nuclear physics midterm exam. Im not too worried about it, but I should probably study for that tonight. we'll see. Anyway, I gotta get out here to do that. so lata.

Wednesday, February 23, 2005

hump day.

What a stupid name for Wednesday. I mean right guys? anyway, Its wednesday, durring my lunch hour, and here I sit, homework finished, ready for the day ahead... mostly. If you don't normally, let me encourage you to check out some photos at the HouseXor blog. I think they are the funniest darn thing that I have ever seen. I should know, I photographed them myself. Not much is going on with me right now. Although, im extrordinarily busy at the same time. How is it that I can feel both swamped and bored at the same time? Its a physics problem for sure. Let me also encourage those who think science should be cooler to check this out... this movie (its about 4 Megs) I won't ruin it for you, but basically it proves that science is cool... much cooler than you, or whatever you do, unless you do science.

Friday, February 18, 2005

Brain not working, Check for Bumper Stickers.

Ok, who has an ideological bumper sticker on their car? If you said "I do!" or the equivalent thereof, we can't be friends anymore. The reason is very simple... I hate you. Well, "hate" is a strong word. "I would like to kill you" might be more true.
Hyperbole aside, I really wonder about people who really love ideological bumper stickers. Can they really sum up how they feel all the time with a four word phrase? Now, I realize that there are bumper stickers out there with paragraphs on them, but thats just about 10 times dumber. Your 300 word essay bumper sticker better be about how much you hate ultra far sighted people because only they can read it. Now what does a bumper sticker really say? Many things:
  • I have no class.
This is obvious because you have littered what may well have been a nice vehicle with tacky bumper stickers in an array of colors that might make Liberace say "whoa now, settle down." Even if its not really a nice car, your class value goes exponetialy like the inverse square of the number of ideological bumper stickers you have.

  • I am an idiot
So, you really like Bush. Or you really don't. You are entitled to that. But if you really believe that "Bush Lied, our troops died" is the real summary of what has gone on, or "No one died, when Clinton Lied" which is one I have seen recently. Or if you really thought that Al Queada supported John Kerry... well then save all those stickers for the short bus that takes you to your "special" job, and leave them off of your car.
In general a non-idiot would understand that geo-politics cannot be summed up in less than 10 words. Maybe I should make bumper stickers that say "I know nothing about ______" where the blank could be filled with almost anything: Science, Women, Men, Politics, Music, Religion etc. This would convey the same message to the average driver. Anyone who totally agrees with you, did so already. Anyone who doesn't didn't already. And both probably have bumper stickers.
And that clever bumper sticker about how awful capitalism is? Well, lets just say I wish I had been the one to sell the 2 cent stickerto you for 5 dollars online.
  • Not only are my geo-political views contrived, but I think that The Grateful Dead/ Nirvana/Rage against the Machine are the best bands of all time, and aparently these two truths are of equivalent importance to me.
This I actually appriciate. Its a clue to a less informed individual about the mental capacity of the sticker bearer in case there is doubt. Let's say Im driving behind you and I see your "anybody but bush" bumper sticker. So I think to myself "gee I'm not that smart, but i don't think that Usama Bin Laden or Joe from the office would be a better leader ... " But I know that I'm kinda slow, so I think to myself "maybe this enlightend soul is right?" Then I see his/her Grateful Dead sticker and can assure myself that I was correct. Neither Joe, nor Usama would be better as The President. In case i was slow to draw conclusion two, conclusion three brings me there.

Well, thats all.

Thursday, February 17, 2005

Light speed.

Did you know that things can travel faster than the speed of light? Its true. However, its only true when light travel through a material. Nothing has been shown to move faster than light in vacuum. When something moves faster than light in a medium, it gives off more light... cherenkov radiation. It is to light what a "sonic boom" is to sound. (incidnetally, a sonic boom occurs when an object travel faster than the speed of sound in air.)
All this so say, I feel like my week is moving so very fast. I am so busy all the time, and I just don't know what happend. Its not all bad. It feels somewhat productive. I just hope that I can pencil in a nap or two by this weekend. Well, if I could type any more, i wouldn't be busy would i?

Tuesday, February 15, 2005


this is for science!

Monday, February 14, 2005

New Schminegan's Dimention

Well, its been too long, but finaly I came through with my promise to make a new SD. you may click here or you can click the link on the sidebar. Don't expect it to be funny. Its not. Its just there like promised. Anyway, I am off to home. I worked a lot today. It feels good to be able to say that and mean it.

Happy St. Valentine's Day

Well, today is valentines day. so...

Thursday, February 10, 2005

The double-edged sword-- of being lazy and being bored.

I'll tell you what. Whoever said that (the title) never told a lie. Im not always like that, but when I am its the worst.

So one or so of you may have seen the Duke-UNC basketball travesty last night. You know, the one where UNC is down by one with possesion of the ball and 18 seconds on the clock, where they don't lose because they missed; they lose because THEY NEVER SHOT THE BALL.
Things that would have felt better:
  • losing by 10 points
  • shooting and missing due to a good block
  • not having been able to shoot due to really good defence
  • a good swift kick to the groin.
Really. I watch Felton go down the court and out-dribble his opponent which gave him an open shot, or an opportunity for a drive and possibly a shot or drawing a foul. But instead, he stand there with his "d" in his hand and lets time run down. Well, the only thing thats worse than all this, is how worked up I got about it. I mean REALLY. its a (bleep)ing basketball game. What the (bleeP) do I care about it? I guess there are worse things to get excited about.

So I am thinking about starting a third party initiative website. The site would be geard toward people who don't like the two choices given to them to vote for, but want more to vote against the candidate they like least, and feel like a third party vote is thrown away. In an ideal world, the website would work in two (maybe three) ways. People wanting to vote third party could get an idea of how many other people feel this way. It would give them more confidence in voting their conscience. Second, I'd hope that the site would match up local people would would vote oppositely in the "waste my vote" mentality, and then, knowing that their votes would "cancel" each others vote out, they could vote for a candidate they actually liked. Imagine that! They wouldn't even have to vote for the same third party. I also think (optimisticaly), that people might be willing to dialouge more in forum like this. I think that especially on college campuses something like this could really be popular. With any luck it it might wake up some of the reps and dems to how disgruntled many are with their leadership (at the very least) I mean come on. There was a first for every great idea. Like the guy who first thought of delivery pizza... or the guy who invented crack. Anyway, for the 5 of you who read this, let me know if im totally nuts or if this sounds cool.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

almost 5...

Its almost quitting time here, and I am spent. I actually had a pretty decent day today in terms of getting some things done. I probably had a little too much coffee, and I am weary of getting dependant, but we'll see. Today I saw a story about robot soldiers. Not in the future; now. They are basically remote controled mini tanks with sighted machine guns attached. It pretty amazing and pretty scary. I must say that I am glad that they can be used to detonate carbombs so that no one gets hurt, and things of that sort, but I am a little worried about them being used for combat. They would certainly save american lives, so it is hard to argue against them... I guess i am just concerned that it could reduce the impact of killing a actual person to the level of playing a video game. In the story i saw, they claimed that these could be in action if called upon in a few months. Thats pretty crazy. Well until next time...

Im gonna try something here....

Ok so, I would like to try a little something out. Basically i have tried to make a page that has on it the player for the sotiaot. If this works like i want it to, when you click the link, it will open a page with a player on it, and the player wont play until you click on it to play. That is what is supposed to happen in theory. If when you click the link your computer emits showers of sparks while repeating "DANGER DANGER" in a monotone computer voice... well, i can't be held responsible. But this should work. I'm not entirely dumb. I don't think i am anyway.

click here if you are daring.

Cool. So it works. I went ahead and changed the sidebar too. Now onto bigger things...

Monday, February 07, 2005

I must have been on crack...

Seriously, i can't believe I sent out one of those super-queer emails. If you got one, delete it before reading it. Don't respond; stop being my friend if that's what it takes.
You see, really i would never do such a thing, but I was going for that ironic humor where you're like "WTHeck?" and then im like "Gotcha!" Doesn't it all make more sense now? By the way, so my page loads faster now, and I really like the opening the song in a new window, but on my computer (and maybe its just mine) the song pops up, automatically plays, then it mutes the audio for like a second, and then continues to play. If i stop it and play ot from the begining, it plays like normal. Can one, pray tell, tell me how i can avoid this prob? I'd guess it would go away if i could stop it from auto playing in the new window, but i tried somethings that didn't work. help me if you have insight.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Grov is the Bomb... and Carbomb

Well, thanks to one G.S. and a certain J.C.,my 'song of the indescriminent amount of time' now opens in a new window. Upsides are: page loads faster, can listen to song while navigating elsewhere.
Downsides: Klank.
I should make that the "Sotiaot". thats an abrev. for song of ...
Anyway, i did my taxes today and lets give a round of applesause for the Hope Credit. This thing is awesome. You can only do it two years per student but it trippled my return. i am about to go over to my neighbors house to have some hawaiian food, so i gotta run. Don't hate me if I sent you one of those stupid frined things. just delete it or something.

Thursday, February 03, 2005

How do you do it?

Writing code that is... Not that it is really hard. Its just that there are at 15 gajillion diferent codes. I know so very few and useless verions. I know some python, some fortran, and some other super specialized fortran based varients. But now i have to learn unix. May God forbid me ever having to learn C. Its just so frustrating. It all comes back to knowing how to communicate. i know what i want to say to the computer, but i can't do it. Unfortunaltly, i can't just break up with the computer. At least it can't break up with me... I hope not anyway. Well, whatever.

Wednesday, February 02, 2005

Song of the week... And a POLL!

Week? that's so... regular and organized. I like song of the indescriminenet amount of time better. This times song is Victoria by a band called "The Falls Lost" My friends Wes and Cory leggett introduced me to these guys. They are pretty sweet. I think they are from SC, and i would guess that they have a pretty obvious website. lets guess
anyway, Thats enough plugging. Im not here to sell band t-shirts. Not anymore anyway. Today i start my career as a tutor. We'll see how long that lasts. It should be great. Teaching without the grading! What more could I ask for? So here is the new poll... everyone must answer. Should charles go to Lima, Peru for a couple weeks this summer, or West Africa for a few weeks? We report, you decide, fair and balanced, only one internet blog has real journal entries, and more slogans than any other weblog. Chax News Channel. Thats why we're No. 1.