Thursday, July 17, 2008

Thank you my brothers...

The APS has re-opened the "Intelligent Warming" debate. The new 'consensus' among some of the 50,000 physicists is that anthropogenic (that is, man made) CO2 emissions are not the cause of the current increases in global temperature. Who knew? ... oh yeah.. we did.


Blogger carbauja said...

Howdy Charlie,

Just to clarify, the APS has NOT changed their stance on climate change. From their web site (

"The American Physical Society reaffirms the following position on climate change, adopted by its governing body, the APS Council, on November 18, 2007:

'Emissions of greenhouse gases from human activities are changing the atmosphere in ways that affect the Earth's climate.'

An article at odds with this statement recently appeared in an online newsletter of the APS Forum on Physics and Society, one of 39 units of APS. The header of this newsletter carries the statement that 'Opinions expressed are those of the authors alone and do not necessarily reflect the views of the APS or of the Forum.' This newsletter is not a journal of the APS and it is not peer reviewed."

This statement is followed by a link to their climate change statement from 2007:

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Blogger Just Charlie said...

Oh I know... I read all the comments that followed the article. Nowhere did I say that they changed their official position. I was just pointing out that the number of people who are right about intelligent warming are growing.

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